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Group classes and personal training that

Take the guesswork out of your fitness routine 

Questions? Want to schedule a private tour first? 


Does feeling better seem like a battle?

Core Fitness offers:

  • Fun, High-Intensity Interval Classes

  • Boxing Fitness Classes

  • Personal Training

Kick-start your fitness journey

in just three simple steps…


Come in and take a class

Take time to get familiar with your objectives and sample the

Core Fitness experience.


Join our amazing community

Your first workout resonated with you, so sign up for a program tailored perfectly around what works best for YOU and your schedule.


Get results while having fun

Train privately or together as a group and make friends along the journey, too! 

It's time to transform your fitness dreams into reality today - 1,2,3 GO!!!

Our promise to you

Here’s what you can expect from us at Core Fitness. 

Professional Equipment

Get ready to reach your functional fitness goals with intuitive, easy-to-use equipment! No more lost time trying to decipher complex instructions - just get moving and feel the strength.

Guided Workouts

We make it easier than ever to stay strong, healthy, and fit without having to overthink or stress about workout planning.

ALL Fitness Levels Welcome

Whether you are taking your first steps towards physical fitness or have a long history of working out, we have an option that'll push you closer towards your health and strength goals.

Just imagine a life where...


You're energized to seize every opportunity.

You can't wait for your next fitness session. 

You feel supported by fellow go-getters and,

You look amazing while doing it!

Let us help you take charge of your
health and fitness goals

Reach new heights in strength, confidence, and overall well-being today.

Feel confident heading into your workouts

Feel stronger in your daily activities

Feel better about your mental and physical health

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