Group classes and personal training that

Take the guesswork out of your fitness routine 


Fitness shouldn't have to be hard

Does this sound like you?

"I'm unsure about what to do at the gym"

Thinking about what my workout is only gives me stress- I wish someone could just do the programming for me

"Gyms are dirty and gross"

I hate seeing dust bunnies, sweat streaks, and equipment thrown around everywhere- it’s so unprofessional  

"Exercise is boring"

If only there was some type of fitness routine that I could look forward to

Does feeling better seem like a battle?

Our experienced coaches help people like you get into the best shape of their lives. It's doable!


All levels of fitness

Professional coaching

Fitness and nutrition plan

Better fitness and health

is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Come to a class

The first step is easy- just show up! Let’s get to know your goals and what obstacles you’re facing


Join the community

If you enjoyed your experience, sign up for a program that fits your needs and your schedule. 


Get results and have fun

Show up to the group classes or private training and make some friends while you’re at it.

Our promise to you

Here’s what you can expect from us at Core Fitness. 

Professional Environment

 Some of the best functional fitness equipment that doesn't require a college degree to figure out how to use

Guided Workouts

So you don’t have to think about your fitness anymore

Options for ALL levels

Whether you've never exercised in your life or are a seasoned-veteran, we have an option for you

Experienced Coaches

Coaches with over a decade of experience devoted to your success

Fitness Community

Come join a group of people just like you and get in the best shape of your life together

Personalized Coaching

fitness shouldn’t have to feel awkward- get some help from coaches who care

Just imagine a life where you...


have the energy necessary to do the things you love

actually look forward to your fitness routine

feel connected with other people in your community

Look better naked, lose fat, and build muscle

Don't continue to be disappointed with your health and fitness

Stop feeling awkward and unsure of what to do for your workouts

Stop feeling like your clothes are getting tighter and tighter

How long will you wait being stuck in an idle mode before you express your full physical potential?


your new self